Phoenix Program

Hope rises from the ashes like a phoenix

"You have to do it alone, but you don't have to be alone."



Introducing Full Circle


Created from the YMCA Phoenix Program, Full Circle is a non-profit organization newly established in 2016. Full Circle was founded to support the Phoenix Program which has a long history in the greater Portland area working with local high schools to support students and bridge the gap between school, student, and community in offering the extra support a student needs to be successful in life.

We work directly with schools to engage students with their school community, strengthen their personal relationships with friends and family, and enhance their academic strengths and self-efficacy. We believe in empowering adolescents to rise above current challenges to achieve their own positive outcomes. We also believe that in order to accomplish this all teens need positive mentors, opportunities to reflect on their lives and the internal skills to change what is not working.



Why We Do What We Do

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