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La Center High School


La Center High School is a dynamic educational institution where the staff is motivated to create lessons that inspire learning. Teachers are focused on student to student interactions, in-depth discussions and questions that raise the cognitive demand and a strong learning trust that is established with our student body.

Each student entering our school chooses a ‘Pathway’ that helps them determine their personal goals for post high school. One of our goals is to prepare all students for their future whether it is attending college, trade school, military and/or other forms of work. We help build confidence, responsibility and ownership in each individual.

Fir Ridge High School


Fir Ridge Campus is an alternative school campus of David Douglas High School. Alternative doesn’t mean less or easier  at Fir Ridgeit means smaller and more supportive. Fir Ridge students are bright, capable leaders-in-training; they just happen to thrive in a smaller setting, or may need extra support to make up credits for various reasons.  Fir Ridge students are expected to complete high quality work, keep attendance at 90% or higher and approach academic learning with a growth mindset.  Fir Ridge offers students a smaller classroom environment, opportunities for additional credit and college/career counseling. When Fir Ridge students graduate, their level of learning and skill are as high as that of all DDHS students, and they should be fully prepared for success in college and career.

Arts & Tech High School


Arts and Technology High School is a dynamic learning community that supports the success of our diverse student population. All learners collaborate with staff to develop and commit to a personalized education and social/emotional support plan to ensure academic success.

ATHS provides structure and supports academic success through student engaged proficiency-based learning and assessment, emphasis on visual arts and creative writing, providing optional pathways through flexible schedules, frequent learning expeditions, production of authentic learning products and a community-based internship program.


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