"Hope rises out of the ashes like a Phoenix"



The Full Circle Phoenix Program is an intensive emotional growth program that incorporates the Positive Youth Development (PYD) process. The Positive Youth Development model is an intentional approach recognizing and engaging the strengths that youth possess, engaging them with their schools and communities, and providing opportunities for them to develop their leadership skills through real life experience.  The Phoenix Program follows the Full Circle mission of encouraging young people to take personal responsibility for their own social, emotional and physical well-being.  


The Problem



20+ years of research has identified the following profile of adolescents in the US (studies include youth from Oregon and SW Washington):

  • Majority of youth in the US are not hopeful, engaged and thriving

  • Only 27% identify having adult role models

  • Only 22% of youth identify that they live in a community that values youth

  • Only 29% identify that they possess planning and decision making skills

  • The 40 Development Assets are the positive experiences and characteristics that shape youth attitudes and behaviors and help them grow to be engaged caring adults. They measure assets in the categories of Support, Empowerment, Boundaries and Expectations, Constructive Use of Time, Commitment to Learning, Social Competencies and Positive Sense of Self

  • The more of these assets that a youth possesses the less likely they are to engage in high-risk behavior (such as problem alcohol use, violence, drug use and sexual activity)

  • The average high school student possesses fewer than 18 of the 40 Development Assets making them more likely to engage in high-risk behavior

Research also indicates that:

  • Most often policymakers focus on the negative behaviors or risk factors that youth face and emphasize reducing statistics such as teen pregnancy or dropout rates.

  • Positive Youth Development programs which focus on promoting positive assets and seeing youth as resources in their community results in positive youth behavior outcomes and the prevention of youth problem behaviors.


Who We Serve:

The Phoenix Program serves youth ages 14 to 17 years old who live in Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, and Yamhill counties in Oregon as well as SW Washington. Many of the teens we work with come from homes that experience generational poverty, in-home violence, and racial discrimination. We serve all teens who want to make a change in their life, even those who appear to be doing well, or are college-bound.


Plan of operation:

Students who are identified by their school administrators, counselors and teachers begin by attending a weekend intensive camp that teaches the 5 C's of Positive Youth Development:  Competence, Confidence, Connection, Character and Caring. Adult Volunteers from the school and community attend the weekend experience with students and act as mentors and role models for the experience. There are four follow-up sessions which take place at the school to continue emphasizing the concepts presented during that first weekend.  Upon completion of the program students take part in a graduation ceremony which engages their family and friends in celebrating the commitment they have made to the program and the positive changes they have made in their lives.


Goals for the Program include:

  • Increasing the number of Development Assets the teen possesses

  • Reducing the likely-hood of engaging in risky behavior

  • Re-engaging the student with the school and ensuring they are on track for graduation

  • Engaging the student in their own academic success and increasing the frequency of goal setting

  • Increasing community connections and responsibility

  • Improving the GPA for the students