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2017-2018 Impact


“This experience will stay with me through my whole life. Phoenix helped remind me that everyone has a story as I do. There’s much more under the water of our icebergs.”

- Cascadia Technical Academy Student

  • 87% said that the Phoenix program affected positive change in the way they view and treat themselves

  • 76% say the program impacted how they respond to people who are going through hard times or experiencing difficult emotions and mentioned various aspects of compassion as areas of growth for themselves

  • 75% noted changes in their approach and attitudes toward school after the Phoenix program.

  • 74% say that Phoenix positively affected how they interact with people they don’t know or who are different from them

  • 74% said that participation in the Phoenix program has positively affected how they deal with stress and difficult emotions

  • 73% reported positive changes in their relationships with friends and peers

  • 69% reported improvements in their ability and willingness to navigate social situations and relationships

  • 68% reported positive changes in their relationship with teachers

  • 54% said that relationships with parents improved after Phoenix 

During the 2017-18 school year, Full Circle Programs provided opportunities for 144 students from five schools in the Portland Metro region (Multnomah, Clackamas, and Clark counties) to attend the Phoenix program, a positive youth development program for youth ages 14-18.  

The Phoenix program is an intensive emotional and social development experience for young people ages 14-18 that seeks to foster the outcomes of connection, compassion, character, confidence, and competence.


I now have a community and found out that is something I need and crave. I learned to let myself feel and recognize my emotions but not let them and fear rule my life and take me over.”

Arts & Technology h.s. - Phoenix STUDENT


The areas where students showed the highest gains were in connection to school, self-efficacy, social conscience, acting on personal values, persistence and resilience, and self-worth.

Highest Gains: All Students


Highest Gains: Initial Low Scores

I always dreamt big but never believed in myself to achieve my goals. Now I have energy and am motivated and I believe that I can and will aspire to greatness.”