The Phoenix Program

The Phoenix Program is an intensive emotional and social development experience for young people ages 14 - 18 that seeks to foster the outcomes of connection, compassion, character, confidence and competence.

The Phoenix Program is a great opportunity for people to be heard, let go of the negativity of the past, set new goals for the future and learn to believe in yourself.
— Phoenix Program Graduate

Although each student gains something different from the Phoenix program depending on where they are in life and their unique challenges and needs, there are common patterns that emerge from students' reports of their experiences.

Out of the 130 students who attended the seven program sessions over the course of the school year, 101 completed program evaluations, reflecting on their experience in the program and how they changes as a result.


Quantitative Outcomes



We assessed student growth after participating in the Phoenix program in the outcome areas of the 5 "C"s: Confidence, Compassion, Competence, Connection and Character. Students rated themselves before and after the participation in the program from strongly negative (1) to neutral (3) to strongly positive (5).

  • Confidence: An internal sense of overall positive self-worth and self-efficacy. 
  • Compassion: Being touched by the suffering of others, opening one's awareness to others' pain and not avoiding or disconnecting from it, so that feelings of kindness towards others and the desire to alleviate their suffering emerge.
  • Competence: Positive view of one's actions and abilities in domain specific areas including academic, emotional and cognitive.
  • Connection: Positive bonds with people and institutions that are reflected in mutual exchanges between the individual and peers, family and school in which both parties contribute to the relationship.
  • Character: Respect for societal and cultural expectations, possesion of standards for correct behaviors, a sense of right and wrong (morality), and integrity.

Comprehensive Outcomes - Students with Initial Low Scores

Comprehensive Outcomes - All Students


Total Comprehensive Outcomes | 2016 - 17


To get more specific about the changes that students experience in Phoenix, we can examine the sub-categories that are used to measure overall scores in the 5 "C"s. For all students, the highest gains occured in the areas of self-worth (SW), purpose and future (PW), emotional management (EM), personal appearance (PA), personal values (PV) and self-efficacy (SE).


Highest Gains - All Students


Highest Gains - Initial Low Scores


Qualitative Outcomes


I realized I was unhealthy and sad and that was not okay. I decided that I was going to change myself for the better
— Phoenix Program Graduate

84% of students say that Phoenix has positively affected how they interact with people they don't know or who are different from them, noting increased desire and willingness to connect with them, more openness and positive treatment of others, and more acceptance and non-judgement.


77% reported improvements in relationships with friends and peers, including feeling closer and more connected to friends, improved communication and openness, and gaining more friends through the program.

IMG_8067 - Copy-min.jpg

65% reported improved relationships with teachers. 


65% of students noted positive changes in their approach and attitude toward school.


76% of students mentioned more compassion for and acceptance of others.

It’s like a weight has been lifted. I used to bottle up my emotions and avoid them, but after Phoenix, I have a way to deal with them.
— Phoenix Program Graduate
I can approach people who are different from me and be open to their thoughts and opinions
— Phoenix Program Graduate
I’m more confident and know I am worthy along with everyone else.
— Phoenix Program Graduate





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